About Me

I first started making jewellery in 2010, after graduating with a Fine Art Degree at the University of the West of England.
It evolved organically for me after I attended a stained glass course at The Creative Glass Guild. I absolutely fell in love with glass during this course, producing different textures and colours. I learnt how to make stained glass windows with lead came, but what really stood out to me was the copper foil method.

The copper foil method was first invented by Louis Comfort Tiffany, an interior designer of the 1800s, allowing much smaller pieces of glass to be put into designs and later developing into 3D objects leading to the birth of the Tiffany Lamp Shade, still a recognised design today.

Wrapping the hand-cut glass pieces in a special copper foil and soldering them together over the top of the foil to create a strong seal. I loved the versatility of this method and whilst looking at a sun-catcher one morning I realised that it would look amazing as a pendant….. Coral Arts Jewellery was born.
I have always loved jewellery and constantly seek out to find unique and unusual statement pieces.

I researched how to remove the use of lead when I started making the jewellery and I now use a lead free solder made with silver, copper & tin. I use silver plated wire when the wire is soldered on to the glass as it needs to conduct heat well during the process. All other silver wire used in my designs is sterling silver.
I took another Glass jewellery course at the Creative Glass Guild and a Silversmithing course, introducing me to new metal work skills to enhance my glass designs. I pride myself on using quality materials and always use sterling silver chains and clasps wire and earring hooks. I strive to create unique elements to the designs using beads, silver shapes and wire shapes - all made by hand.

I love the process of designing pieces and watching them grow and change organically throughout the making process. They never match the original design, it is just a starting point and I find great pleasure in never knowing what they will turn into by the end.

Making jewellery is my creative release and helps inform my own well-being throughout the process. I aim to create imaginative, contemporary and quality items that can help to increase the well-being of the wearer. Jewellery can add such a joy to an outfit that reflects in the person wearing it. I feel it has the ability to lift your spirits and I hope to create this for everyone around the world.

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